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Is 2-Way Radio Making a "Digital Debut" Comeback?
Bob Burchett, founder and CTO of The Push To Talk Organization (www.Push-To-Talk.org) thinks that it can, and will, as he started up the Organization a little more than a year ago.
Burchett recalls that two-way radio has its roots in public safety over 70 years ago when industry greats like Fred Link, the Galvin Brothers (Motorola), Allen B. DuMont and many more first made "one-way radio" for police cars.
This became 2-way communications when those beautiful Police Call Boxes were taken down from the cities that installed them on street corners and replaced them with transmitters in the cars.
Initally too expensive for private industry, competition in the marketplace eventually drove  the product into buses, taxi, rail, contracting and service industries that wanted to provide better speed of response to their customers.
Fast forward to modern times and "wireless" today virtually means "cellular" to at least a generation of people needing communications since 2-way radio is nowhere to be seen on TV, billboards or news ads as an option to the new businessperson, said Burchett.
Burchett says that 2-way can do the job perfectly for regional dispatch where the service provider has no need or want for their fleet to be surfing the web, receiving email or texting while driving. His organization of 2-way shops, service providers, dealers and tower owners agree with him that what these customers need is a fast and reliable voice path to the dispatcher that is up & running 24/7 with better pricing, more durable products and quick one-to-many calling.
"We are uniting the 2-way industry into that cohesive element to bring a truly nationwide digital 2-way network all across America" said Burchett.
Burchett went on to say that UHF and VHF radio talk a LONG way and can be literally installed on your company roof-top to insure building penetration, connectivity to your computer LAN for GPS, PC-to-mobile data, networking and other digital gadgetry.
Watch us grow and bring a segment of reliable communications tailored to the needs of service industries demanding "less frills and smaller bills" Burchett stated.
Burchett closed with a gentle push for us to break tradition and go see more at www.Push-To-Talk.org and his parting words were "don't be surprised when you see the ads start to appear." "We may be off the radar today but we ain't dead yet!" he said with a grin.
For more information, reseller and dealer information please contact:
Robert Burchett
President; Push To Talk Organization
848 N. Rainbow Blvd #857
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Phone: 888-NXDN-ORG (888-693-6674)
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