A Suite of Integrated Solutions for the Digital LMR Community

BLUECONX: Ever wish your IoS, IPad/ Iphone, Windows Tablet or Android-capable mobile devices could speak with the versatile Icom IDAS Digital Radio Feature set to bypass expensive carriers? Click Here

IDASTAXI: A full-featured Computer Aided Dispatch system for taxi fleets.

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IDASTRAX/INSIDERAX: GPS does outdoor tracking but since most radio users go indoors too; they need IDASTRAX. World's first Indoor/ Outdoor solution using GPS for highly accurate mapping outside, indoors it locks onto the Wireless LAN access points to tell the dispatcher the other half of the story. IDASTRAX is a hardware and software solution built into speaker/ mikes on IDAS radios.

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GPSTEALTH: When your customers are losing expensive GPS antennas, and people don't want to be tracked... How do you stop the damage, and still get your data back?
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IDASXTEND: A solution that allows the use of two control heads to operate a single radio, or they can both control two radios. An addition to the system allows the use of a repeater as a mobile, with only one antenna, without a duplexer.

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A full-featured Computer Aided Dispatch system for service fleets. Integrates Mobile Data Terminals with F5061D/F6061D mobiles. Full QWERTY keyboard and large LCD screen.Easily supports and manages two-way text messaging,programmable status and function keys.
Combines the features of IdasXpand Digital Dispatch with features available in IdasTaxi
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DROIDCONX: This product suite combines the world-leading Android operating platform with IDAS digital radios to vault the LMR community into the world of smartphones, software-apps resident in the unit and much more.
IDASTEXT Software program runs on the Android platform with DROIDCONX product to provide free-texting from tablet platform to IDAS digital radios. See more at the DROIDCONX product link.

DROIDTALX: How we make the Android platform operating system products communicate by digital radio voice.

DROIDTRAX: Use the new DROIDCONX tablet to see the tracking locations of your fleet in your hand via IDAS

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IDASCONX: Port multiplier that allows an IDAS radio to use up to three IDAS accessory devices, even if they talk at different baud rates. IDASCONX also extends IDAS over TCP/IP networks.

IDASMAIL: For facilities with their own email server giving enterprise-wide access to the IDASGATE for text messaging just like IDASPAGE. Extra features include ACK back to the sender "Receiving radio got the message" and it can be used as an accessory bolt-on to the RC-FS10 Remote Communicator to enhance the texting feature set. The EZ-Dispatch format of IDASMAIL can be used with the IDAS canned "Status" message template to reply to the dispatcher's email address with 99 user-selectable reply text messages. Connects to the IDASGATE for connectivity.

IDASALERT: Digital LED scrolling multi-colored messaging signs help your clients be ADA compliant for the hearing-impaired, tell people what you need for them to know either silently (like doctors waiting rooms, etc.) or with a persistent beeping sound that draws attention to the message you need to get across. Programmable color, beep, scroll speed and text via theIDASGATE.

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IDASPAL: This is a magnetic card-reader interface to the F5061/ 6061 mobiles as well as the F3161D/ 4161D handhelds to provide field processing of credit cards for instant payment acceptance everywhere. This is an interactive, user-friendly merchant terminal that plugs into the mobile or handheld radio to send fully encrypted digital credit card data to the IDASCA$H payment processing gateway. Perfect for the field service providers such as contractors, plumber, electrician, roofer, drain & septic tank servicer, taxi/ limo, etc.

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CROSSTALX: Hardware/ software combination is a cross-band, cross-platform, cross-format communications utility that permits any 2-way radio on any frequency, band or format of analog, digital or combination of both to talk to smart phones and PCs. Windows Mobile, Blackberry and IPhone operating systems run a small app and are provided with a PTT key and a screen telling them who is on the server. Windows PCs use their sound card, mike & speakers with "space-bar" and PTT to key and talk to everyone in the talkgroup. The administrator sets up unlimited talk groups for selectively granting communications rights.

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IDASXPERT: Interfaces with the popular productivity management program to output work order/ job tickets via IDAS radios. The messages go direct to the worker(s) affected and comes with a one-button "ticket closed" reply. Works with the IDASGATE for connectivity.

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IDASXPAND: See the new IDASXPAND Digital Dispatch which has IDASTRAX integrated with it for the world's first Indoor/ Outdoor tracking solution plus analog-audio logging/ Instant Recall Recorder output in a single system. No base station radio needed; the IDASXPAND connects via IP to the repeater/ base and the IDASTRAX data comes in via the IP backplane. IDASXPAND includes all of the RC-FS10 feature set with the Xpanded Digital Dispatch capabilities in one package. The IDASTRAX data is displayed in 3 ways; layered/ tiled screens, split screen or dual-monitor mode depending upon your dispatch requirements. We put all of the components together so you don't have to.

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DIGICONX: Universal IP Port Router/Forwarder. Enables unlimited number of ports. Dramatically reduces costs and improves capabilities for SMR operators at public IP locations such as leased tower or mountain top radio sites. Affordably link as many sites as you need to build a complete network.: : Universal IP Port Router/Forwarder. Enables unlimited number of ports for SMR operators at public IP locations such as leased tower or mountain top radio sites. The IntelliRouter option overcomes the limitation of 16 IP networked FR5000/ 6000 radios on the IDAS backbone; the DIGICONX allows unlimited packet-relay capability to IDAS repeaters limited only by your bandwidth. Voting: Also includes dual-format RSSI and packet TIME algorithm calculation for best-in-voting packet routing and selection.

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MAGCONXTM Mobile Vendor Terminal products plug into iCom F3161D / F4161D handhelds, as well ass F5061D / F6061D Mobile Radios and provide customized magnetic card swipe logging solutionsF5061D / F6061D Mobile Radios and provide customized magnetic card swipe logging solutions

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PURCOLATER TM PURC Transmitter Controller: The PURC tones 'invented' by Motorola (Paging Unified Remote Control) are used to remotely key paging transmitters and send digital paging data (known as 'NRZ FSK') Non-Return to Zero Frequency Shift Keying digital paging format over the air at two speeds 512 and 1200 baud..

Zetron makes a device called a Model 66 which is the only other PURC transmitter controller in the industry.Zetron dealercost?Around $1850 with no competition until now! PURCOLATER dealer cost? Around $500 - big difference!Zetron makes a device called a Model 66 which is the only other PURC transmitter controller in the industry.Zetron dealercost?Around $1850 with no competition until now! PURCOLATER dealer cost? Around $500 - big difference!

The PURCOLATER is a tiny board that fits on the back of an Icom digital paging transmitter (built for Icom by RF Technology known as RFT) and wires up in something around an hour of tech time to set it up and saves the dealer more than $1300 at dealer cost - so it is quite a bargain.

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IDASGATE: The foundation program that interfaces with most of the applications; it connects an Ethernet LAN-enabled PC to the VHF or UHF IDAS radio system, one needed per system and you can add any number of your applications to the IDASGATE from thelistbelow..

IDASDATA: Replaces the intelligence of a paging terminal with an IDAS-format data protocol that can take TAP, TNPP, SNPP or SMTP data streams from automated machinery (slot gaming machines, soda vending, etc.) direct to IDAS radios. This is an expanded GATE program so it does not need another software layerunderit.

IDASPAGE: Desktop messaging to send text messages to IDAS radios for facilities that do NOT have their own email server. Works with the IDASGATE using a user-defined database to "page" the radio with an alert tone and scroll the message until acknowledged. Connects to the IDASGATE for connectivity. .

  • NXDN or IDAS repeaters with optional power supplies atop the cage.

  • Total vertical height is less than 12 inches with 6 full-power VHF or UHF Icom FR5000/ 6000 factory-stock unmodified repeaters.

  • They operate at a FULL 50 watts with the optional cooling package kit, or up to 25 watts each stand-alone as shown.

  • A super-space-saver for expensive remote sites that will make 6 repeaters work in the space where 1 old one used to be.

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