IDASMAIL allows you to send discrete Short Data Messages (SDM) to IDAS portable and mobile radios from virtually any desktop, notebook or smart phone that has email capability. Use your favorite email program to address, compose and send text messages to your mobile workforce via their two-way radios, eliminating the need for them to carry additional devices like pagers or cell phones. Quickly and easily dispatch service requests, detailed instructions or other information for fast response and improved customer service.

Information Automation with IDASMAIL

Email has become the de facto standard for outputting information from nearly every information technology and automation solution toda, from plant operations to help desk dispatch to alarm and monitoring systems, regardless of industry or business segment. IDASMAIL lets you leverage your existing technology investment so that you can do more by providing onsite wireless connectivity over your IDAS radio network.

Interface Options

The RadioAppStore suite of applications provides the integration tools to automatically dispatch notifications to IDAS radios, as well as IDASALERT LED Messaging signs, when out-of-tolerance conditions are detected by your facility´┐Żs alarm and monitoring systems.

An Introduction to IDASMAIL:


IDASMAIL is a member of the RadioAppStore product suite.

enables dispatch of Short Data Messages (SDM) to IDAS radios utilizing your two-way radio communications network infrastructure.

The IDASMAIL application provides individual and group email addresses for your IDAS radios. The iDASGATE gateway "listens" for inbound SMTP traffic on your network, processes the input and then transmits the message to the proper unit ID(s) via NXDN protocol. Messages are displayed within seconds on the radio's LCD.

What the IDASMAIL system does for YOU:


IDASALERT provides the tools for simplified and effective dispatching of text messages to IDAS radios from popular email programs.

  • Enables one-way "paging" messages to be sent to mobile workers from any office computer's email application - no radio required.
  • Dispatch messages wirelessly using your IDAS two-way radio network
  • Alert individuals, workgroups or response teams simultaneously
  • Supports systems integration and automated messaging capability from emailenabled monitoring and dispatching systems
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective message alerting from existing methodologies 

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