IDASALERT allows you to place high visibility wireless LED Scrolling Message Display Signs anywhere within your repeater network for instantaneous notification of messaging information such as campus-wide mass alerting, alarm and monitoring annunciations or customer service updates.


With the IDASALERT application, you can dispatch messages from a Command Center PC to individual or multiple signs simultaneously as conditions require. Software commands allow you to control the font size, scrolling rate, text color, silent or audible alerting, and length of time message is displayed.

 IDASALERT Messaging Signs

IDASALERT LED Messaging Signs are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit your application needs. Choose monochrome or multi-color display; single or dual line text; wall-mount or double-sided display; indoor or outdoor use. All models are supplied with IDAS wireless receivers that eliminate costly cabling requirements.

Interface Options

The RadioconX suite of applications provides the integration tools to automatically dispatch notifications to IDASALERT signs, as well as IDAS radios, when out-of-tolerance conditions are detected by your facility´┐Żs alarm and monitoring systems.

An Introduction to IDASALERT:

IDASALERT is a member of the RadioconX product suite. IDASALERT enables dispatch of messaging alerts to large, easy-to-read LED Message Display signs throughout a campus, factory, hospital or region utilizing your IDAS two-way radio communications network infrastructure.

What the IDASALERT system does for YOU:

IDASALERT provides the tools for simplified and effective mass-notifications of critical events and informational alert updates via LED scrolling message display signs.  

  • Dispatch messages wirelessly using your IDAS two-way radio network
  • Alert individual signs, selected zones or campus-wide LED display signs simultaneously
  • Indoor and outdoor messaging signs in variety of sizes and configurations to meet any application
  • Ease of installation, with no cabling required, enables temporary or fixed locations
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective message alerting wherever you need it
  • Integration with your existing monitoring and alerting systems via the IDASCONX suite of solutions such as IDASXPERT, IDASTRAX, IDASALERT HUGS, IDASCLOX, IDASMAIL, with more to come

IDASALERT Wireless Notification Applications 

Patient Monitoring/Nurse Call
Infant Security System
 Wandering Patients Alerts
Waiting Room Notifications

Mass Notifications
Campus Security

Manufacturing/Plant Operations
Facilities Management

Government/Public Safety
Amber Alerts
Mass Notifications
Fixed Location and Mobile Incident Command
Traffic Conditions

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