Why carry two, when one will do?                  

A member of the RadioconX product and services suite brought to you by the Push To Talk Organization.

Tired of carrying two radios and a cell phone?

CrosstalX lets you combine them all in your smartphone!


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At the push of a button, your VHF radio can talk to UHF or 800 MHz radios, your office PC, your Blackberry, iPhone, or other compatible PDAs anywhere in the world! It�s all made possible by a system called CrosstalX.


CrosstalX is a software based system that serves these user groups.

Administrative Users can use CrosstalX with any data compatible cellular device such as a PDA, Laptop, or Netbook to communicate directly to any 2-way radio system either locally or worldwide.

Public Safety Users:  Interoperability between dissimilar radio systems, frequency bands, formats and services is achieved easily and inexpensively with CrosstalX. You can instantly comply with state & local regulations to communicate with any agency anywhere anytime.

Wide Area Radio Users can use CrosstalX to provide operating range beyond the limits of their 2-way radio system.  Any multi-site operation including hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc. can benefit with the use of CrosstalX - So can YOU! 

Business radio users with different types and formats of radio systems, desktop PCs and smartphones can use CrosstalX to talk to each other even though their systems would normally be incompatible.


An Introduction to CrosstalX:

CrosstalX is a member of the RadioAppStore product and services suite.  The technology model is based on software for devices with operating systems (Mac, Blackberry, Windows and Windows Mobile) and a hardware interface providing IP connectivity for radios with no operating systems. This will allow you to build a more robust system with the added capability of including PDAs into the PC and radio networks.

                What the CrosstalX System does for YOU:

CrosstalX for your Smartphone: There are 3 different versions of the smartphone/ PDA CrosstalX System. To add Push-To-Talk intercom capability to your Blackberry, iPhone or Windows Mobile enabled Smartphone you load the CX-1 software to your smartphone by Internet download.


CrosstalX for your radio system: Communicating from your smartphones and PCs to 2-way radios is easy and the CX-2 system is the hardware interface that does the job. This involves an interface device with CX-2 software which we call a DynaBASE Client. This device provides a portal between an Internet-connected PC and an associated 2-way radio via a connector cable (chosen to fit your radio). The host radio can be any type, brand, model, or operating platform.  The frequency band can be VHF, UHF, 700, 800 or 900 MHz. Format can be conventional or trunked such as EDACS, LTR or PassPort and other PTT type formats including Nextel, ConnectNET, LinkUSA, or SouthernLINC are supported. Digital transmissions of any type like MotoTRBO, NXDN, IDAS, Nexedge and P25 work fine so long as the associated device has PTT and audio connections. Custom made cables are available as an option with cost depending on the type of radio to be used.  We can even provide a ready-to-use VHF or UHF radio keyed to your system. Please contact your dealer for a quotation.

 CrosstalX Virtual Radio for your PCs:  CrosstalX-VR is available as a plug-and play application for your Windows PC running XP, Vista or Windows 7 and you are presented with a Client screen where you control the workgroup and talk groups you need to contact. Choose the group or user, press the keyboard <SPACE> bar (or click the mouse) and speak directly to them via the PC audio card interface.


CrosstalX DynaHUB: The Push To Talk Organization supplies and hosts the CrosstalX Dynamic Platform Hub Server making it available by on-line signup for your use. Facility managers get an unlimited number of users with unlimited airtime/ server time set up into talkgroups for the low monthly rate of $8 per unit. The advantage of using the PTT server is that you never worry about software, upgrades, hosting, maintaining computers, power supplies, battery backup systems and bandwidth needs. PTT will take the worry out of communicating and free your IT/ IS personnel for more important tasks.

Own-Your-Server: This is recommended for larger system users who would prefer to own their server and host the program themselves. Over time, the cost difference is offset by the savings in monthly remote server fees applicable to the PTT rented server time.   

Most users with basic computer skills can load the software used with the CrosstalX system. Manuals are clear and easy-to-follow but specialized assistance is available as an option if desired. You can place your order by phone by calling 888.693.6674.

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